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Gold Medal Clean Eyes 4 oz


Gently washes away irritants or foreign matter
Reduces redness caused by dust and air pollutants and allergy causing irritants like pollen
Excellent for use after swimming to wash away chlorine

Remedy + Recovery Ear Mite & Tick Control 4 oz


Liquid insecticide ear drops
Natural pyrethrin insecticide made from the Chrysanthemum flower
Provides instant kill
Strongest formula available; safe for your pet
Suitable for dogs and cats

Gold Medal Manuka Honey Tooth Gel w/Finger Toothbrush


With Natural Manuka Honey to help heal and soothe gums
Helps remineralize enamel
Freshens breath
Harden teeth and smooth surface

Pet Botanics Training Treats, 20 Oz (3 Flavors)


Perfect size for repetitive rewards
Approximately 500 treats per bag
Easy to carry in your pocket
Low calorie treat
Made in the USA

Remedy + Recovery Liquid Bandage 4 oz


For use on cuts, scrapes, stitches and hot spots
Waterproof; keeps wounds clean & dry
Breathable film allows air to reach injury
Contains no acrylic (plastic)
Made in the USA

Remedy + Recovery Wound & Infection


A soothing topical lotion
For use on cuts, burns, bites, stitches & infections
Kills bacteria that cause infection
Speeds healing and return to healthy skin
Made in the USA

Remedy + Recovery Hydrocortisone Lotion


Provides relief by reducing inflammation and redness
Relieves itching
Reduces stress
Dries up moisture
Suitable for dogs, cats and ferrets

Remedy + Recovery Diarrhea Control 8 oz


Detoxifies, relieves and re-hydrates
Electrolytes re-hydrate and replace lost salts and sugars
Detoxifies and restores balance to the digestive system
Relieves discomfort of cramps, nausea and gas

Gold Medal Pets Tear Stain Remover Pads


Gentle wipes for around the eyes
Cruelty free
Cucumber and Aloe Vera scent
Made in the USA

Gold Medal Pets Tear Stain Remover


Gently Cleans The Tear Stains From The Fur Around The Eye
Highlights The Natural Color Of The Coat
Does not contain alcohol or bleach
Gently removes stains caused by excessive tearing in fur around the eyes

Gold Medal Pets Clean Ears 4 oz


Removes ear wax
Cleans ears
Cleans ear odor
Contains soothing Aloe
Made in the USA

Gold Medal Pets Clean Ear Wipes


For cleaning your pet's ears
Gentle; removes dirt and debris
Softens and soothes skin
Removes odors
Made in the USA

Remedy + Recovery Medicated Antiseptic Spray (2 Sizes)


First aid for clipper burn, minor cuts, bug bites and scratches
Veterinary skin and coat care for dogs
Kills germs that can cause infection
Protects and helps skin heal
Suitable for dogs only

Remedy + Recovery Pet Wormer (2 Sizes)


Removes roundworms
Safe and Effective
Easy to use
Add to food or drinking water

Remedy + Recovery E-Collars (5 sizes)


Safer than other Elizabethan Collars because it does not block vision
Easy to adjust for a perfect fit
Helps overcome licking and biting
Ends self-inflicted wound aggravation