Min: $0 Max: $20

Cat-A-Lack Wand with Striped Tail (2 Styles)


Available with or without feathers
Assorted Colors
Fun and interactive play
Keeps cats active and entertained
Great way to bond with your cat

Fuzzu Presidential Parody Cat (2 Styles)


Contains top quality cat nip
Non-toxic printed cotton/poly fabric
Accents of plush

Kong Naturals Premium Catnip, 2 oz


Made of the highest quality catnip
Natural formula
Fill KONG Refillable Toys
Give as a stand alone treat to entice play

Pioneer Pet Catnip Toy Nip Nibblers


Irresistible nip - combines fun with texture and shape to put cats in a frenzy
Safe and non-toxic
Lightweight construction makes it easy for cats to play games of 'swat and chase.'

Spot Cat-Bernet Cork with Feathers Teaser Wand - Assorted Colors


Made of real wool
Soft on paws
Perfect for pouncing and batting

Spot Shimmer Glimmer Cat Teaser Wand - Assorted Styles


Simply adorable brightly colored assorted plush
Irresistible shimmering accents
Cats will love to bite, pounce and bat this toy all around
Catnip inside for a euphoric play time!

Spot Wuggles Wool Ball Teaser Wand - Assorted Colors


Made from all-natural felted wool
The perfect toy for cats to bat around and pounce on
Interactive cat toy
You will receive one of the assorted colors
Sold Individually