Dogsee Chew

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Dogsee Chew Freeze-Dried Fruit & Vegatables


Our single-ingredient training treats are prepared with authentic fruits and vegetables sourced from the freshest farms, completely free from harmful tastemakers and preservatives. Each treat is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, packaged with

Dogsee Chew Bars


Dogsee Chew Large bars are the finest Himalayan cheese based dog treats handcrafted in the Himalayas for Medium & Large sized dogs. Cheese when smoked and sun dried to perfection for 35 days becomes extremely hard which is why the dogs can chew on it for

Dogsee Chew Yak Puffs


Yak Cheese Flavored Himalayan Dog Chew for Puppies & Small Dogs - Grain-Free Dog Treats to Rid Plaque and Tartar - 2.5 oz Per Bag