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Greenies Feline Pill Pockets Chicken 1.6 oz


The tasty, smarter way to help your feline friend’s medicine go down-no claws necessary
Mask the smell and taste and come in a delectable chicken flavor cats adore
Feline Greenies Pill Pockets are a vet-recommended pill-giving hack you and your cat will

Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs (2 Flavors)


The tasty, smarter way to help your dog’s medicine go down—
Pill Pockets mask the smell and taste, of medicine
Pill Pockets are a vet-recommended* medicating treat hack you and your dog will love
These easy-to-use medicating pouches make taking medicin

Feline Greenies Dental Treat (2 Flavors)


Crunchy texture and unique shape clean teeth and reduce tartar,
The #1 vet-recommended dental treat
Natural formula with added vitamins, minerals, and taurine