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Petstages Beyond Bone (4 Sizes)


Synthetic chew toy that combines durable strength with natural bone meal
Will not Split and splinter like a natural bone
Chewy patches add interest
Great shape to chew and carry

Petstages Catnip Troll (2 Colors)


100% Catnip
Lightweight to bat chase and carry
Soft plush to rub nuzzle and groom
Available in 2 colors

Petstages Puppy Cuddle Pal


Provides soothing warmth to calm and comfort your dog
Filled with buckwheat and can be microwaved to provide warmth
Soft, cozy shape can be cuddled and curled on for comfort when sleeping or stressed
Plush shell is machine washable

Petstages Feather Toucan Cat Toy


100% catnip filled
No stuffing or fillers
Addresses cat's physical needs and instincts
Puurfect for playtime

Petstages Glow Snail Cat Toy


Occupies at night
Glows in the dark
Contains catnip
Lightweight to bat, chase and carry
Puurfect for playtime

Petstages Rebound Ball


Satisfies dogs' chewing instincts with a bounce back action that works as they chew
Interactive bounce action keeps dogs busy and provides a unique chewing sensation
Bright color of this ball makes it easy to spot outdoors
Floats for water play

Petstages Stuffing Free Lil Squeak Monkey


This soft squeaky dog toy stimulates mental play with fun squeakers that eliminate boredom
Squeakers maintain shape and squeak even if punctured
No stuffing provides less mess and more to squeak!
Inside are 2 squeakers with 2 different fun sounds

Petstages Mini Bone Tug


Made of non-toxic, durable rubber
Nubs on link remove plaque and make it fun to chew
Measures 6" L x 1.75" W x 0.5" H

Petstages Catnip Refillable Pocket Fish


Soft fabric fish is fun to bat and chase
Comes with two catnip infused coins for long-lasting scent
This item is non-toxic

Petstages Stuffing Free Floppy Shark (2 Colors)


3 large squeakers
Fun, floppy movement that dogs love
Squeaks even if punctured
Crinkles and squeaks

Petstages ORKA Bone (2 Sizes)


Multiple textures massage gums and keep pup's interest
Chewy feel dogs love
Bounces and floats
Mini size has fabric streamers to help remove tartar, large has rope

Petstages Kitty Quilt Cat Toy


Addresses cat's physical needs and instincts
Encourages cats' natural hiding instincts
Lightweight to bat, chase and carry
Puurfect for playtime

Petstages Kick & Scratch Cat Toy


Perfect size to hug, scratch and wrestle
Fun fuzzy tail that cat's love
Satisfies hunting and scratching instincts

Petstages Dynamite Catnip Toy Fetch and Bat Toy for Cats


Filled with 100% North American catnip, no fillers
Longer lasting, strong scent that cats love
Great shape to wrestle and “kick”
Durable canvas shell

Petstages Orka Chew Stick


Made for power chewers
Provides your pup with an appropriate chew while helping to reduce boredom and destructive behavior
Perfect for a game of fetch, toss, or just for your pup to carry around the house
Reinforced with inner ribs and raised diamond

Petstages Madcaps Canvas & Plush Toy (2 Styles)


Canvas and plush combo for soft play appeal
Floppy movement dogs love
Great for toss and fetch

Petstages Whirly Gig


Center ball spins, sending ends whirling
Curious cats will bat for hours
Lightweight for fun spinning and chasing

Petstages Mightie Mouse


Filled with 100% North American catnip, no fillers
Strong scent that cats love
Longer lasting than other catnip toys

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice


Netting helps remove soft tartar and massages gums to improve dental health
Flosses teeth while chewing
Filled with catnip to attract kitty
Lightweight size is easy to bat and toss

Petstages Crunchcore Bone (4 Sizes)


Squeeze to feel and hear the crunch
Crunchy sound that dogs love
Durable inner core keeps shape

Petstages Play Cone Lure


Stalking and pouncing products keep cats engaged
Contains catnip
Addresses cat's physical needs and instincts
Lightweight to bat, chase and carry
Puurfect for playtime

Petstages Quiet Glow Play Pair


Glow-in-the-dark fabric for nighttime play
Soft fabric balls are perfect for quiet play
Safe, non-toxic material
Great for daytime too

Petstages Mini Cool Chew


Crunchy when frozen
Mold-resistant filling, so it's easy to wash or freeze
Streamers help remove soft plaque from your pup's teeth
Perfect size for small dogs
Measures 3.5" L x 1" W x 1" H

Petstages Mini Chew Pack


Enhances dental health
Includes 3 different toys
Mini orka pine cone - Stands up to tough chewing
Mini cool chew - Wet or freeze to soothe tender gums
Mini dental rope chew - Rope removes soft tartar

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