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Polly's Banana Split Cuttlebone & Calcium Perch (2 Sizes)


Made of real cuttlebone and 100-Percent digestible ground calcium
In three great flavors, Fresh Strawberry, Tropical Pineapple and Florida Orange
The Association of Avian Veterinarians recommends Calcium supplements for all pet birds

Polly's Perfect Play Things Stump


Mentally stimulating
Satisfies natural chewing urges
Provides healthy exercise activities
Brings out exploring instincts

Polly's Ultimate Cuttlebone


Made of real cuttlebone and 100-Percent digestible ground calcium
Three great flavors in one package: Honey Maple, Spicy Pepper, Citrus Lime Twist
Provides essential Calcium

Polly's Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Small


Cactus wood look-a-like perch
Greay wacky watermelon flavour
Made with real bee pollen (< ½%) and 100% digestible ground calcium
Suitable for: cockatiels, lovebirds and small conures etc.

Polly's Roll or Swing Small


Birds enjoy balancing and rolling on the wheel
Birds like the natural swinging sensation
Imitates perching high on a swaying bough
Naturally trims nails

Polly's Cactus Beach Sands Perch (2 Sizes)


Safely and effectively trims your birds nails with this Cholla Wood look-a-like
Colorful perch simplifies foot care for caged birds
Conditioning perches have varying surface area for maximum nail trimming
Assorted Colors