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Petstages Beyond Bone (4 Sizes)


Synthetic chew toy that combines durable strength with natural bone meal
Will not Split and splinter like a natural bone
Chewy patches add interest
Great shape to chew and carry

NutriSource Cat & Kitten Chicken & Rice IN STORE PICK UP ONLY


This item available only for In Store Pick Up
Available in 2 sizes
Cooked with fresh humanely certified chicken raised on farms
Made with no wheat, corn or soy
For kittens and adult cats

Zignature Dog Grain Free Dog Food (9 Recipes, 3 Sizes)


Recipes are based on a limited ingredient, meat first philosophy
Free of the most common canine allergens: corn, wheat, soy, dairy, chicken and eggs
Only uses low glycemic carbohydrates such as whole chickpeas, and garden peas 

Advance Buffalo Cheek Roll


100% Natural Dog Treat. Made from free-range, grass-fed water buffalo. Our products are all hormone and antibiotic free. Contains no additives or preservatives.

Victor Beef/Brown Rice (3 Sizes) In Store Pick Up Only


This item available only for In Store Pick Up
3 sizes available
All Life Stages formula with premium-quality beef meal as primary protein source
Ideal for dogs with allergies to other meat proteins
Excellent for dogs with normal activity levels

Petstages Glow Snail Cat Toy


Occupies at night
Glows in the dark
Contains catnip
Lightweight to bat, chase and carry
Puurfect for playtime

Petmate Metallic Cat Bell 2pk


Add fashion and function to your cat’s collar with Petmate’s cat bells
Each bell features a harmonious chime
Helps you know when your cat is underfoot and helps protect the wild bird population
Ships in assorted colors

Remedy + Recovery Hydrocortisone Lotion


Provides relief by reducing inflammation and redness
Relieves itching
Reduces stress
Dries up moisture
Suitable for dogs, cats and ferrets

Remedy + Recovery Diarrhea Control 8 oz


Detoxifies, relieves and re-hydrates
Electrolytes re-hydrate and replace lost salts and sugars
Detoxifies and restores balance to the digestive system
Relieves discomfort of cramps, nausea and gas

Natural Balance LID 13 oz Cans (3 Flavors) In Store Pick Up Only


A complete and balanced formula for all breeds from puppies to adults.
Limited ingredients, perfect for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities
Highly digestible allowing for maximum nutrient absorption
Added vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A and

Pure Vita Dry Cat Chicken 6.6 lbs IN STORE PICK UP ONLY


Combines the delicious taste of chicken with a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables
Made by NutriSource®, you can be sure it has our exclusive "Good 4 Life" system
Finest quality ingredients available for your cat or kitten

PRO PAC Nut R Nipz Dog Biscuit Treat (2 Sizes)


Grain and gluten free
Savory peanut flavor and a roasted-peanut glaze
Nutritious veggies and fruits such as peas, apples, blueberries, carrots, spinach and cranberries
Naturally preserved
Oven-baked with the highest-quality ingredients

Earthborn Grain Free 3 oz Gravy Pouch (5 FLAVORS) IN STORE PICK UP ONLY


Grain & gluten-free
Premium protein sources aid in building and maintaining your cat’s muscle
Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
3 oz pouches

Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline Dry Food 5lb In Store Pick Up Only


This item available only for In Store Pick Up
Formulated without grain or gluten
Turkey meal, chicken meal, herring meal, salmon meal and whitefish meal
Proper levels of calcium and phosphorous to build and maintain strong teeth and bones

Earthborn 95% Meat Protein Canned Food (5 FLAVORS) STORE PICKUP ONLY


This item available only for In Store Pick Up
Available in 5 flavors
95% Real Meat
Grain-Free and Gluten-Free
Omega fatty acids for skin and coat health

Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast(3 SIZES) IN STORE PICK UP ONLY


This item available only for In Store Pick Up
3 sizes available
Formulated without grain, gluten or potatoes
Lean, red meat proteins, like bison meal and beef meal, highly digestible and rich in balanced amino acids

Fussie Cat Market Fresh Dry Cat 4lb (4 FLAVORS) IN STORE PICK UP ONLY


This item available only for In Store Pick Up
Available in 3 flavors
Created in the USA with the freshest and finest ingredients
Physiologically tuned recipe with complete, high-quality protein 

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Dry Cat 4 lb (2 Flavors) In Store Pick Up Only


This item available only for In Store Pick Up
Available in 2 flavors
Real deboned meat is always the first ingredient
Rich in Omega fatty acids to support healthy skin and fur
Added fiber for hairball control

Best Buy Bones Bully Bites (2 Sizes)


Made in the USA with Angus Beef
100% Natural Protein Full of Vitamins and Minerals
Low Odor

Kaytee CritterTrail Straight Tube (2 Sizes)


Easily connects to any CritterTrail habitat port
Each tube has ventilation holes for your pet's safety
Tubes are 2.25 inches in diameter
For hamsters, gerbils or mice
Ships in assorted colors

Snack 21 Wild Pacific Whiting Jerky Strips


100-Percent Natural
Only One Ingredient: Wild Pacific Whiting
Made In Canada
Absolutely No Additives Or Preservatives

Kaytee Fiesta Awesome Country Harvest Small Animal Treat Blend 7 oz


Tasty, nutritious treat
Ideal for bonding and playtime
Natural forage-style
Flavorful fun and interaction
Contains premium quality ingredients

Mammoth Small Cloth Rope Man


Rope fibers floss dogs' teeth
Excellent for Strong Chewers
Assorted Color

Petstages Catnip Troll (2 Colors)


100% Catnip
Lightweight to bat chase and carry
Soft plush to rub nuzzle and groom
Available in 2 colors

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